Pastoral Care – Trauma-Informed Care: The Art of Presence – Evelyn Tema Jaja


Pastoral Care involves being present with people in the pit of crisis. How do you sit with people in grief, depression, loss, sickness, loneliness and more without being consumed? There is an art to being present. Today’s world faces family and relationship turmoil, injustices, increased isolation and loneliness, a lack of community and overall divide. Social media, the global pandemic, heightened political divisions and increased violence all could be considered parts of the suffering occurring in people’s lives. Trauma-informed care is the art to presence. This session seeks to equip ministers with tools to provide trauma-informed care. Imagine that you’re a rescue diver who must ensure the gradual but safe rise of both the drowning victim and the rescuer to the surface – to breath – to life. Let’s go diving!

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