Breakout Sessions

Our team of tenured church leaders, instructors and administrators look forward to spending dedicated time with conference participants in various workshops and interactive instruction. The overall commitment of IC3 is to provide focused study in areas most essential to remarkable church growth, sustenance and individual leadership development. Below you will find a list of breakout sessions led by those with exceptional backgrounds in each area of focus.

All sessions are now available under Pastors and Leaders Track

Worship & Arts

The Minister, The Minstrel, The Marriage

Walking closely with your Pastor, learning and understanding their Vision for the Ministry

Membership & Church Advancement

Every Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday (Jewel M. London)

Imagine designing and planning over 900 worship services per year. Come and learn how to do worship effectively, efficiently, and with a spirit of excellence. Learn how to keep worship intentional and impactful without holding the congregation hostage all day. Identify critical elements of the worship experience – what should we keep and what should we table? Discuss resources to help build engaging worship services in 90 minutes (or less) – especially for churches with multiple services and/or campuses.

First Ladies

Generational Ministries


Christian Education

Community, Evangelism, Outreach

Expansion, Business, Finance, Human Resources


Communication, Media, Technology

Preaching, Theology, Social Justice

Senior Pastors Only*

*Special Admission for those who registered at the Senior Pastor Rate

Pastoral &  Leadership

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