Breakout Sessions

Our team of tenured church leaders, instructors and administrators look forward to spending dedicated time with conference participants in various workshops and interactive instruction. The overall commitment of IC3 is to provide focused study in areas most essential to remarkable church growth, sustenance and individual leadership development. Below you will find a list of breakout sessions led by those with exceptional backgrounds in each area of focus. 

Please note breakout sessions are subject to change.


Encouraging the Encourager: Supporting my Pastor through unchartered territories.  | 12:00PM CST

Sheretta West, Minister to Women, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX
Mary E. Jones, New Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Houston, TX
Arthurene Jones, The Church of New Beginnings, Houston, TX

There are no classes offered on how to pastor during a pandemic, how to preach in front of a camera, or when to reopen a church after a pandemic.   As his wife, what can I do to help him navigate through unchartered territories? This Pastor’s Wife session offers insight on holding up his arms so that ministry remains a joy during this season of change.

Leading in Uncharted Territory | 1:30PM CST

Jeffrey A. Johnson Sr., Senior Pastor, Eastern Star Church, Indianapolis, IN

Someone has suggested; “We are ministering to a world that doesn’t exist anymore.” We are living in a world in a constant state of change. Even if you have been in ministry for a short period of time, you have more than likely experienced change in this world. Admiral Thad Allen says we have three options “suffer through it, adapt to it or manage it.” It is time for us to depend on the Word of God to minister through these ever-changing times to manage ministry at a high level. We have to have confidence in the written and recorded Word of God and direct our efforts based on the eternal truth of God. We must build on the foundation of the Apostles and the Disciples with Christ as the Chief Cornerstone. As we are “Leading in Uncharted Territory”, let us be open to new and different methods of ministry.

Rethinking Discipleship | 1:30PM CST

Wanda Bolton-Davis, D.Min., Executive Director, Victorious Disciples, Dallas, TX

Based upon her life-transforming workbook, Victorious Disciples, and cutting-edge doctoral research, Dr. Wanda will discuss the discipleship deficit that has plagued many churches. She will provide practical information to help move your church members from spiritual complacency and stagnation, to spiritual growth and reproducing. This workshop will provide pastors, staff, and lay leaders with practical tools for developing an effective discipleship ministry within the local church.

Shift Your Faith In Action | 1:30PM CST

Tyrone Smith, Minister, Ignite, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

The global pandemic created a great shift in ministry around the world, but the shift was a necessary shift of our faith into action. This session is designed to help leaders understand that it is acceptable to shift or make changes in how you operate ministry. Shifting is a process that helps leaders become more effective in ministry.

Thriving Together: Church Starting and Co-Pastoring in the 21st Century | 1:30PM CST

Fredricc G. Brock, D.Min., Lead Pastor, The Message Church, San Antonio, TX
Kan’Dace Brock, Lead Pastor, The Message Church, San Antonio, TX

In Ecclesiastes 4:7-12, Solomon underscores the advantages of partnership. This session will survey the benefits and challenges of partnership in pastoral ministry and provide attendees with observations and lessons learned from two new church starters.

Fighting The Virtual Virus in The Midst of a Pandemic: Social Media Overload | 2:00PM CST

Ralpheal D. West, M.Th., Campus Minister, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

This session is an exposition of virtual challenges through the lens of ministerial leadership. We will study together on how to find the balance between utilizing and overloading.

Creative Ministry During a Crisis | 2:00PM CST

George Hurtt, Senior Pastor, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA

This class will deal with how God uses certain seasons to advance the gospel. This is done by analyzing your congregational and community needs and meeting them without placing limitations on strategy.


Exegeting in a Times of Crisis | 2:00PM CST

Marcus Jerkins, Ph.D., Resurrection Baptist Church, Silver Spring, MD

The Bible itself came to being in periods of crisis.  Our current situations are no different.  This course will provide rules every preacher should follow when examining the biblical text to speak to current situations of crisis.  This session will emphasize that the Bible is always relevant in every season especially when speaking to times when we experience crises of pandemic, racism, and poverty.

Hindsight is 20/20: A New Way to Look Forward | 2:00PM CST

John J. Cox, D.Min., Senior Pastor, Vermont Avenue Baptist Church, Washington, DC

You may not be able to see the next global pandemic, but what do you see? God shows leaders the way forward so how do we improve our ability to see what God shows us. This class is about how leaders improve what they See, how they Share, and how they Show where God is leading us. 

Adam, Where Are You? | 2:30PM CST

Keith W. Reed, Sr., D.Min., Senior Pastor, Sharon Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA

Addressing the whole man: mind, body, and soul. How are we? Where are we?

Church Revitalization: You Can Stop the Bleeding | 2:30PM CST

Christopher Hartwell, Senior Pastor, Crossroads Community Church, Pearland, TX

This session is designed for pastors, staff, and ministry leaders on how to revitalize a church that has plateaued and is experiencing financial and numerical decline.

Maintaining Connection in Chaos: Pastoral/ Congregational Care During and Post Pandemic | 2:30PM CST

George L. Parks, Jr., Senior Pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR

Our present global pandemic coupled with our increasing isolated culture often prevents connectivity and intimacy in the church. Explore the biblical foundations and practical strategies for congregational and community care through the local church.

Mastering the Systems: Resetting Ministry for the New Age | 2:30PM CST

Anthony L. Riley, Senior Pastor, Central Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO

This workshop is designed to resource pastors and staff to reset the church for ministry in a new world.  We will cover the 7 systems of the church that must be master to offer to position herself for sustainability and growth.  We will review different staffing models as well as preparing for, what to expect during and transitioning out of a pastoral sabbatical.  Lastly, we conclude by assessing the seasons in the life of a church and address how to think critically about one’s own seasons and their impact on the ministry.  If you are ready to seize this opportunity to reset your church context for future success, come learn how to master her systems.

Lessons from My Father | 3:00PM CST

Jewel M. London, Campus Minister/Pastoral Assistant to Dr. Ralph D. West, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

All throughout life we learn some of the most valuable lessons from family members, loved ones, those we are closest to, those we happen to meet by chance, and sometimes those we only read or hear about. Join me in this first installment to hear some of the basic, fundamental, and yet greatest lessons I’ve learned while serving in ministry. Friends, don’t discount small beginnings, but embrace every experience on the journey. This session is designed for pastors training leaders; persons serving on staff, as a ministry leader, or as a volunteer.

Embracing Intersectionality in Bi-Vocational Ministry | 3:00PM CST

Lee A. Edwards II, Executive Pastor, Kingdom Life Fellowship Church, McKinney, TX

From the pulpit to the office space, bi-vocational ministry leaders continue to affect change in their communities. This class encourages leaders to embrace their intersectionality to boost relativity, wellness, and preparedness for 21st Century ministry.

Staying Connected to Your Disconnected Ministry Members | 3:00PM CST

Kathy Taylor, Minister of Music, Windsor Village United Methodist, Houston TX

You will hear how we have navigated through these unchartered territories… a PANDEMIC! During these times, we MUST continue to stay connected to our members.

Navigating Pastoral Transitions and How to Handle That in The Pandemic | 3:30 PM CST

Calvin J. McFadden, Sr., Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Riceville Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Houston, TX

This class will provide tools for Senior Pastors to successfully manage their transitions from one assignment to the next – how to leave right and how to begin anew. Genesis 12:1-9

Are You Shifting or Are You Drifting? | 3:30PM CST

Anthony Cobbs, ED.D., Breakthrough Ministry Consulting, San Antonio, TX

Being an effective leader requires more than structure and strategy. Too often leaders focus on developing those they lead and neglect developing themselves. As a result, the effectiveness of their leadership begins to drift. This session challenges leaders to thrive by assessing and developing the impact of their leadership.

Lights. Camera. Now What?! | 3:30PM CST

Sammie J. Dow, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Marietta, GA

Virtual worship services have proven to be an ever-evolving and sometimes perplexing environment to navigate. Pastors and church leaders have wrestled to understand the best approaches to keeping congregants connected, engaged, and invested. More than ever, we are being stretched to reimagine ourselves as digital entities with a physical footprint. This session will explore the beginning stages of understanding virtual worship, lessons learned for developing high-quality content, and thoughts on the future of online engagement.


The Church And Social Justice | 1:30PM CST

A.B. Sutton, Jr., Senior Pastor, Living Stones Temple, Birmingham, AL

The Church organizing and mobilizing the community for social justice and equality.

Leading Change in Changing Times | 1:30PM CST

Angela Ravin-Anderson, D.Min., CEO and Founder, Streams in the Wasteland Leadership Institute, Houston, TX

The Church today finds itself in the midst of turbulent and uncertain times. Moving congregations forward toward their divine destiny in such an environment requires that pastors and ministry leaders be able to balance charting new territory while ameliorating undercurrents of anxiousness.  In this session, we will explore key characteristics and strategies that will enable leaders to achieve their God-given vision with confidence, courage, and compassion even as they contend with times of change.

Ministry After Divorce: Finding Healing and Wholeness After Divorce | 1:30PM CST

Lisa Clayton, D.Min., Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Boonton Township, Boonton, NJ

So often divorce is associated with feelings of defeat. As leaders, this feeling is amplified as we struggle with the pressure of being the models for those we lead. This workshop will help the divorced leader with how to heal while they still help others; as well as help leaders to minister to those who’ve experienced divorce.

One Year Pandemic Observations | 1:30PM CST

Mary Myles, The Church Without Walls, IC3 Executive Board Assistant
Lisa Rattler, Eastern Star Church, IC3 Executive Board Assistant
Alisha Trusty, Friendship West Baptist Church, IC3 Executive Board Assistant

The executive assistants to three of our IC3 Executive Board Members discuss One Year Pandemic Observations.  Here they discuss how their roles changed and evolved during the pandemic. They will also discuss their challenges and how ministry/church could possibly look post quarantine.

Tackling Stewardship in Tough Times | 2:00PM CST

J. Lawrence Turner, Senior Pastor, Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, Nashville, TN

Church leaders and pastors struggle with calling their congregations to worship through their generosity particularly during times when the nation is under financial duress. In this course, we will discuss what it means to cultivate generosity in a congregation in a way that is biblically faithful and grounded in the mission Christ has given His Church. This course will entail principles, strategies and tactics to faithfully lead your congregation to give through tough times.

Equipping African American Churches for Evangelism | 2:00PM CST

John K. Jenkins, Sr., First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Glenarden, MD
James T. Meeks, Salem Baptist Church, Chicago, IL
Michael Henderson, New Beginnings Church, Matthew NC

The African American Church Evangelism Institute is an initiative, in partnership with Wheaton College, to equip and train African American pastors to lead their congregation to grow and win others to Christ.  Pastors John Jenkins, Michael Henderson and James Meeks lead this effort to train pastors in the systems and techniques to develop the church to have a culture of evangelism.

Who Sings and What Do We Sing? | 2:00PM CST

 William Keith Eason, Minister of Music, The Fort Bend Church, Sugar Land, TX

Strategies and processes will be shared in this course on music selections and the voices to carry the melody during these times. Everyone will not always agree with your choice, but ultimately, everything that is done is for GOD’S GLORY! 

“Do You See What I See?” Pastors, Leaders, and Team Visioning | 2:00PM CST

Phillip L. Pointer, Sr., D.Min., Senior Pastor, St. Mark Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR

Far too often, those who serve as senior pastors bear the weight of determining, developing, and communicating vision alone. This session will help pastors, and their leaders see the benefits and develop a healthy practice of sharing the burden of visioning.

Assimilation Matters | 2:30PM CST

Felicia Hedgepeth, Minister of Evangelism and Discipleship, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

This session will discuss some of the purpose and practice of why Assimilation Matters in you, church and ministry. This aim is to highlight areas that will engage and connect members and guests to become an active part of your church family and community. Let’s be intentional about what matters in the Kingdom.

Charting the waters of Justice and Righteousness | 2:30PM CST

Charlie E. Dates, Ph.D, Senior Pastor, Progressive Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

2020 brought startling revelations about the continuing narrative of injustice in the United States. It also forced the American pulpit to move past its uneasy conscience into the intersection of righteousness and justice. We need a clarion explanation and call toward moving forward in uncharted territory. Join Dr. Charlie Dates, Senior Pastor at Chicago’s Progressive Baptist Church and Professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, in this session and take the next step toward a responsible Biblical justice ethic in your preaching, teaching, and leadership.

How to Handle Not Knowing | 2:30PM CST

Ashlyn Williams, Executive Assistant to Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr., Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Fairfield, CA

If seeking to lead in uncharted, pandemic times has taught me anything, it’s that “I Don’t Know” is a great place to start. Embracing what we don’t know, pulling from what we do know, and leaning on the One who knows it all is how we get through.

The Things They Didn’t Teach You in Seminary | 2:30PM CST

Derrick J. Hughes, D.Min., Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Piney Grove, Lauderdale Lakes, FL

In a time like none other, a time of unprecedented changes and challenges; we have found ourselves in dire need of a roadmap that will help move us from “before pandemic” worship experiences to “during” and “after” pandemic worship experiences.  This class is designed to give nuggets and best practices on how to navigate through these unchartered territories.

Breaching the Burnout: Small Groups in Unchartered Territory | 3:00PM CST

Aisha M. Davis, M.Div. Minister of Small Groups, The Church Without Walls, Houston, Tx

This session will explore the challenges and burnout experienced within small groups in the past 12 months. This course will also provide resources to aid in breaching burnout and chart a course forward toward hybrid small groups in unchartered territory.

Captives to The Camera: Preaching to the World from an Empty Room | 3:00PM CST

Romell Williams, Jr., Senior Pastor, Lilydale Progressive Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

This session will examine the benefits and challenges forced upon us while weathering the pandemic. We will see a biblical picture of shelter in place preaching, and then explore Gods plan to lock us in as He spreads His word exponentially.

Nontraditional Methods of Outreach | 3:00PM CST

Carlos Kelly, Senior Pastor, Beulahland Bible Church, Macon, GA

A Revival and a Pandemic | 3:30PM CST

Rosalind Burroughs, Ph.D. Children’s Ministry Director, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

When the Pandemic hit, many Ministry Leaders anxiously worked to build a digital platform so that ministry could continue.  Come hear how T.C.W.W.’s Children’s Ministry’s Leader encountered a personal revival while navigating the digital seas of livestreaming and virtual services.  From the comforts of established practices, to being cast into a logistical whirlwind of creating engaging services, Dr. Ros shares her journey over the past year.

Same Space, Different World: Pastoral Care Post-Pandemic | 3:30PM CST

Danielle Brown, Pastor of Church Life, Cathedral International (The Historic Second Baptist Church), Perth Amboy, NJ

This workshop seeks to begin a conversation about pastoral care in a post-pandemic church. We will raise some areas of consideration prior to, during, and after re-entry to address the impact of collective grief, loss, and change.

The Big Shift: Transitioning Your Church from a Traditional to an Emerging Model | 3:30PM CST

Timothy W. Sloan, D. Min., Senior Pastor, The Luke Church, Humble, TX

Maintaining tradition in a church is important, but so is connecting to millennials. The emerging model congregation seeks to understand and evaluate congregational and community demographics and connect generationally. Learn how to identify and maintain the best of tradition in your church, while embracing contemporary culture to create an emerging model.


Don’t Waste This Crisis: The Black Church Curating a Post COVID “New Normal” | 1:30PM CST 

Frederick D. Haynes III, D.Min., Senior Pastor, Friendship-West Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

Boundaries for Pastors | 1:30PM CST

Cynthia L. Hale, D.Min., Senior Pastor, Ray of Hope Christian Church, Decatur, GA

If you feel like your life is out of control, if you feel like you are always dancing to someone else’s tune, responding to other’s whims and wishes, reacting to their crisis and challenges, while your needs and wants go unattended, you need this workshop. Though as ministers, we are called to minister to the needs of others, we must do so in a way that is healthy and life-giving for all.

Embracing An “I Don’t Know” Reality  | 1:30PM CST

Claybon Lea, Jr., Ph.D., D.Min., Senior Pastor Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Fairfield City and Suisun, CA

The objective of this session is to explore how embracing an “I Don’t Know” reality facilitates impactful preaching as a pastor’s navigational tool for leading in uncharted territory using the lens of Ezekiel 37.

Making Your Digital Church Soar! | 1:30PM CST

Orlana Darkins Drewery, Consultant, Mount Ararat Baptist Church, Pittsburg, PA

Intentionally empowering your online church community is essential! This session will provide proven strategies to engage your online congregation spiritually and financially with easy-to-implement methods that you can begin using immediately.

Caring In Uncharted Times | 2:00PM CST

James Harris, Jr., M.Div, Minister, Pastoral Care, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

As we maneuver through the global challenges we are facing today, what is the role of those who assist the Senior Pastor in providing care for many in the congregation who are suffering; either themselves or suffering as a result of family and loved ones?  In addition, how can we display care in times in which we have to social distance to ensure our own safety as well as our own families?  This session addresses the importance of Pastoral Care in the life of the church as we live in this uncharted season and how we can support the Senior Pastor in encouraging and enriching the fellowship during these unprecedented times.

Launching Forward | 2:00PM

Tyrone Smith, Minister, Ignite Youth, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX
Rosalind Burroughs, Ph.D., Children’s Ministry Director, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

We’re surviving and thriving!  Participants will listen in as TCWW’s Children and Youth Ministry Leaders reflect on the past year and begin brainstorming for returning to a hybrid model of ministry engagement.

Trauma, Triumph and Transformation- Doing Ministry That Meets Peoples Deepest and Newest Needs | 2:00PM CST

Emory Berry, Jr., Senior Pastor, Greenforest Community Baptist Church, Decatur, GA

The past 12 months have been traumatic and trying for so many people in our churches and communities. This course will explore how your preaching, teaching, ministries, and outreach can empower others in the most vulnerable season of their life.

The Importance of Being Consistent | 2:00PM CST

Earnest Lofton, Jr., Minister of Music, Lilly Grove Baptist Church, Houston, TX

It is very important to remain steadfast and unmovable during a pandemic. Experience how the Holy Spirit will give you what you need when you need it to stay consistent no matter what is thrown your way!

Why Should I Be in the “Church Building” and Not at Home in Church? |2:30PM CST

Ralph D. West II, M.Th., Campus Minister, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

How to Lead When You Are Not in Charge | 2:30PM CST

Andre Lewis, D.Min., Senior Pastor, New Faith Baptist Church, Houston, TX

This class is designed to navigate the personal and ministerial relationship between the Senior Pastor, Associate Ministers, and laypersons who give leadership to various ministries within a church body. Each participant will learn how to sustain the vision of the First Chair leader through their gifts and influence.

Leading the Vision within a Vision. | 2:30PM CST

Brenda A. White, Director of Ministry, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

As a leader who is not at the head of the pack, how can you live out your calling under a vision God gave to someone you follow? Do you need empowerment and refreshed faith to take your leadership style of influence and ministry to the next level?  There is room for you in Kingdom work.  Remember…A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men, but you must understand how it works for you. Leading from the middle can be a challenge. Yet, you can still aim high and set your gaze above mediocrity and fulfilling the purpose God has for your life.  Be a witness and lead in ministry with authority! This session will equip men and women in leadership with knowledge, wisdom, and skills to lead in ministry. The lessons you learn in this session can be adapted to fit the appropriate audience and context. This session will help you to:

  • Understand your support role as a leader in the middle
  • Assess the ministries you lead.
  • Strengthen your spiritual walk in worship, prayer, and studying
  • Learn how to identify and assimilate new leaders to the team

Leave with an action plan to assess and take your ministry to the next level.

Preaching to Post | 2:30PM CST

Jeffrey A. Johnson II, Associate Pastor of Preaching and Teaching, Eastern Star Church, Indianapolis, IN

We write sermons to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How can preachers use social media to enhance our ability to communicate the gospel in the digital age? Let’s discover how we can use social media in our developing, delivery and in post discussion of our sermons.

Courageous Leadership | 3:00PM CST

Ruth Williams, Mosaic Women’s Leader, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

Have you ever wanted to take the next step in leadership but were uncertain of the next steps? Joshua’s life is an ocular example of courageous leadership.  This session offers applicable tools (key behaviors) that empower leaders to creatively build a healthy and relevant ministry.


Church Growth: Attracting Newer Members Without Neglecting Older Members | 3:00PM CST

Steven Eugene Carter, Senior Pastor, Mount Ararat Church, Brooklyn, NY

This session is geared towards implementing proven principles on how to attract, involve and empower newer members to your ministry without making older members feel neglected, unwanted, and forgotten.

Dream In Color: The Blueprint For Building A Bridge To The Future | 3:00PM CST

William H. Robinson, D.Min., Senior Pastor, The Olivet Church, Fayetteville, GA

This course is designed to help pastors and leaders share their vision with members of the ministry and provide insight into how pastors and leaders can empower the people and get them to take ownership of the vision.

Staying Connected to The Community | 3:30PM CST

Jamal Weathersby, Senior Pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA

This session is designed to assist your church to cultivate a successful partnership with your community. I will share methods for your church to better engage its neighbors and stakeholders.

Leading in Unchartered Territories- Assimilation of New Members | 3:30PM CST

Aaron F. Dallas, Sr.  D.Min., Minister, New Members, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

Unchartered… When we face the unknown, we often use a metaphor to describe it as “uncharted territory” or “uncharted waters.” Literally, the expression refers to territory (or waters) for which no map or chart exists, suggesting that no one has come before us to map out the best way forward. In this session, we will describe how to assimilate new members during this season of unchartered territories.

Throw the Box Away: Moving Beyond Cookie Cutter Discipleship | 3:30PM CST

Leah Jackson, M.Div., Minister of Christian Education, Ray of Hope Christian Church, Decatur, GA

The key to strategically building an effective Christian Education program lies in truly understanding the personality and the needs of your congregation. This course is designed to equip pastors and leaders with a clear plan of action by evaluating current systems, identifying areas of strength and weakness, selecting the right staff and choosing high yield approaches to best meet the needs of the church.

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